What is a bad credit mobile phone?

A bad credit mobile phone works just like a traditional phone contract deal. You will get a combo of handset and bundle plan as part of your contract’s package. You get to choose the handset as well as tailor your bundle to your needs.

Who is better suited to make an application for a bad credit phone?

Any individual who lives in the UK and who is at least 18 years old is free to make an application for a bad credit phone. You can apply especially if you are reeling from a poor credit score and you’ve been receiving rejections from other major providers in the market.

What requirements do I need to fulfill?

The requirements are pretty basic. You just need to meet the eligibility criteria then provide basic simple documents such as ID, utility bill (proof of billing address) and pay slips as proof that you receive an income on a regular basis. If you have the requirements ready, you can get approved in 24 hours or less.

What types of handsets are available?

With the help of our partners, we are able to offer our customers an extensive array of mobile handsets that include cheap and budget phones, mid-range handsets and some high-end smartphones. We carry popular brands including Apple, LG, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and more.

How long will I be committed to the contract?

We offer phone deals for individuals with bad credit at 12 months, 24 months and 36 months contracts. The contract length will depend on the handset option and on your preference. The most common choice for majority of mobile users is our 24-month contracts.

How much does the phone contract cost?

The monthly cost for phone contracts varies from deal to deal. In general, it will depend on two key factors, which are the type of handset you choose as well as the data bundle package you settle for. For example, if you opt for a high-end handset then your bill will be more expensive than if you opt for a budget smartphone instead.

Can I upgrade to a different plan?

If you’ve been with the contract for quite some time, your account may come up for review for the purposes of an upgrade. You can upgrade your plan so you can avail a better handset, a better bundle plan or both but only if you’re considered eligible. Call customer service for more information about this option.

Can I end the contract early?

You have the option to end your contract early if you wish but there are financial responsibilities involved. Depending on the number of months left on your contract, you may be required to pay fees and related charges. Rather than end the contract early, we recommend downgrading or upgrading to a different plan instead until your contract is finished.

Do you have hidden fees?

We do have fees and charges associated with your phone contract but all such fees are disclosed to our customers. All information and details pertaining to these hidden fees are disclosed in the fine print.

In what ways can I make my monthly payments?

Essentially, you have two modes through which you can make your monthly payments. You can make payments over the counter through one of the many accredited centers we collaborate with or you can simply set up automatic monthly deductions directly from your bank account. We recommended the second option to mitigate the risk of defaults.

What are the risks for defaults in payments?

If you default in making monthly payments, the number one risk is that you will incur late fees or penalties, which will further increase your monthly fees. To avoid such fees, emphasis should be on timely repayments without fail.