Weighing the Pros and Cons of a Contract Phone

When it comes to the most popular and most preferred phone deal options in the UK, phone contracts top the list and for good reasons. But it’s not without its downsides either. Just like SIM-only contracts and Pay As You Go have their cons, phones contracts have their disadvantages too. To help you decide whether a contract phone is right for you or not, we’ve created this guide to weigh the pros and cons of the phone deal.

The Pros

Majority of mobile users choose phone contracts for the following reasons:

    >Handset choice – One of the most common reasons why mobile users opt for a contract phone is because of the freedom to choose your own handset, which you don’t have to buy upfront. Rather than fully pay the phone, you get to pay it through installments with a contract phone plan. If you need help in choosing your smartphone, has tips you may find useful at http://www.cnet.com/topics/phones/buying-guide/.
  • Bundle plan – When you choose a contract phone, you also get to choose your bundle plan. This means that you’ll be able to tailor your call, text and data allowances accordingly. Granted that you pick the right plan, you’re sure to enjoy huge savings in the long run.
  • Exclusive promotions - Providers also frequently offer exclusive promotions for contract phone subscribers, which non-subscribers wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Promos may include free calls or free texts and additional data allowance at no added cost.
  • Free gifts – In order to lure more mobile users to apply for a contract phone, most if not all providers are offering free gifts. In addition to your handset, you may get another phone, a laptop, a tablet or a game console among other offers when you sign up.

The Cons

As for the cons, here are some things to keep in mind when you are considering applying for a contract phone:

  • Costly – Phone contracts can be costly especially if the mobile user picked the wrong plan. You’ll end up paying a fixed monthly you can never get out from until the contract term is over.
  • Lengthy contract – Phone contracts also come with a lengthy term. The typical term is 24 months but you can also opt for a shorter term at 12 months if you want or a longer term at 36 months.
  • Choosing the longer term contract means smaller monthly fee but you’ll be tied to a contract you can’t easily get out of unless you want to pay even heftier fees.
  • Hidden fees – If you’re not careful, you may also end up paying hidden fees on top of your fixed monthly fee. Providers may include hidden fees on your bill, which you may not notice unless you carefully peruse the details of your bill.

The Verdict

Phone contracts have its high points but there are disadvantages that come with getting to choose your own handset and enjoying cheaper rates on your phone services. To decide whether a phone contract is right for you or not, it boils down to making sure that the pros outweigh the cons with respect to your personal needs and circumstance.